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How NOT to Get Sexy Bikini Girls

These are simply things that, if done, will definitely ensure you will not be dating a sexy bikini girl:

1)       Dress like every other dude – If you’re not standing out from every other dude why would she ever choose you? I follow a simple rule – Always dress one step up from everyone else. When you go to a club, a bar or any other event you want all eyes to be on you. How can you expect to attract all the sexy girls to you if no one is paying attention?

2)       Be out of shape – Truth is girls are just as visual of creatures as you are I. Due to current social constraints they typically wont express this. Being the fat dude will not get you the girl.

3)       Not care about your looks – It doesn’t matter who you are if you don’t care about your looks. Keep your hair clean, and your BO under control. Who would want get close with you if you stink of high hell and you got grime on your teeth. Take care of yourself, it takes only a few minutes each day.

4)       Think things work out – Take charge of your life. This is only one you got make it go where you want it to go and stomp your complaining. You are the sum total of all your previous decisions. Decide to make the change.

5)       Be a geek – Let’s face it, chicks don’t dig the geeks. If you are serious about getting good looking bikini girls to fight over you then you need to man up. Stop playing those video games and wasting your precious time sitting alone by yourself.

6)       Being non-social – Have you ever wanted to sit in side on a Friday night instead of going out and meeting good looking girls? If you find yourself doing this on a regular basis you need to stop it right away. The very first thing that can hold you back this game is yourself. If you never give yourself the opportunity to meet the girl of your dreams how do you expect to get her?

7)       Suck in bed – If you can get the girl back to your place you need to show her a good time or she won’t be back. You need to break her down and put her ass to sleep it’s so good. If isn’t up to snuff in this department there’s plenty of stuff out there to read. There’s no excuse for this one.

8)      Yes Ma’am – to succeed with getting them bikini girls and life in general you need to, as a man, grow some balls. Don’t be a damn push over and agree to whatever she wants. I don’t care how pouty she can make her lips or how much she bats her eyes at you. First words out of your damn mouth should always be “No”. Then directing things where you want it to go. Be a man - Always lead.

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